An Interview with Sheli Fulcher-Koontz of Law-Idaho PLLC

Law-Idaho PLLC has been serving clients in the Boise area for five years. We sat down with Sheli Fulcher-Koontz, an attorney and founding partner of the practice, to talk about her experience.

Ms. Fulcher-Koontz, what is it that made you decide to found your own firm?

Rick Dredge and I founded Law-Idaho PLLC to provide high-quality, custom-designed legal services to clients using a strategic business model.

The legal industry has a lot of variety. How did you find your firm’s niche?

We entered the practice of law with medical- and science-based backgrounds which afforded us the knowledge to understand complex medical documents and to discuss medical issues with treating health care providers. The family law aspect of the firm’s practice is developed from various referral sources and volunteer projects undertaken by the firm.

What would you say has been the most rewarding part of running your own practice?

Being one’s own boss is both liberating and stressful. Having control over one’s time and
schedule provides the freedom to accommodate both personal and professional commitments.
The challenge lies in balancing those commitments in a way that benefits your business.

That does seem challenging! What would you say is the most frustrating part of running your own practice?

It can be difficult to continually shift hats between attorney, employer, marketer, bookkeeper, etc. Time management and high-quality employees are essential to the success of the firm.

Law-Idaho PLLC is located at 802 W. Bannock, Suite 101 in Boise, ID. For more information about the firm, visit, email, or call (208)888-9980.


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