Month: May 2016

Complicated or unknown history
Legislative intent texas
Statuatory history

Why Brushing Up on Your History Can Help Your Case

Keeping up with new case law and changing legislation can be tough for any attorney. Added to this State rules and legal statutes mean that the body of law is in constant flux and the legal community needs to keep up to date to ensure that they can best serve their clients. Between January 2015 […]

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Auto accident lawyer
Personal injury settlements
When to call a law firm

5 Questions to Ask Personal Injury Lawyers

Contacting a personal injury attorney should be the first thing you do if you are injured because of another person’s actions. Personal injury victims need to trust the competency of a personal injury attorney to demand large settlements for the injuries. To ensure maximum compensation for your lawsuit, you need to pick the right car […]

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Ask a family lawyer
Need a divorce lawyer
Palm beach divorce lawyer

Signs That Your Spouse is Considering Divorce

It is very hard to accept the fact that you might need a divorce lawyer. When you said “I do” to the promise of having and holding your significant other “till death do us part,” you meant it. However, sometimes life does not unfold as we planned. Recognizing the warning signs of trouble in paradise […]

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Attorneys in dayton ohio
Best dui attorney
Federal criminal defense lawyer

Good Legal Help Can Really Make a Difference in a Tough Situation — Finding a DUI Attorney in Your Area

One of the few legal infarctions that can have an impact on your life, not only immediately after their occurrence, but also for the rest of your life in many ways, is a DUI offense. Driving while being in an inebriated condition is a legal offense in all American states, with minor differences in legal […]

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