Signs That Your Spouse is Considering Divorce

Filing uncontested divorce

It is very hard to accept the fact that you might need a divorce lawyer. When you said “I do” to the promise of having and holding your significant other “till death do us part,” you meant it. However, sometimes life does not unfold as we planned. Recognizing the warning signs of trouble in paradise and accepting when you need a divorce lawyer sets you up for the best outcome. Even if you do not eventually get a divorce, having a divorce lawyer on your side will ensure that you, your assets, and future are protected if your spouse issues you divorce papers. To help you recognize the signs, we’ve put together a list of ways to identify when it is time to accept that you need a divorce lawyer.

Signs That You Need a Divorce Lawyer

Financial Red Flags

If your spouse has already sought legal aid for divorce, you may see a difference in the way they handle your shared finances. A few signs that your spouse may be about to deliver divorce papers include:

  1. Your spouse become secretive about financial information. For example, passwords change to bank accounts you used to have access to.
  2. You see unusual cash withdrawals. This may be a sign that they are stashing money away, either to set up their own life apart from you, or to pay the cost of divorce lawyers themselves.
  3. You receive financial statements from bank accounts you do not have knowledge of owning.

  4. While you have managed your family bills and budget throughout your marriage, your spouse suddenly takes interested in it. Questions like how much equity you have in your home, that amount you pay for car payments, and total monthly expenses may be a red flag if they have not been interested in in the past.

Indicators in Family Relations

If you have children, this might become a huge sticking point in the way the divorce unfolds. A few clues that your spouse is already taking this into consideration include:

  1. Your spouse suddenly gets proactive about being involved in your child’s education. They may arrange parent teacher conferences for themselves and get more involved in school activities, while you have always been the primary contact in the past.

  2. Your spouse take more ownership over your child’s medical care. For example, they might suddenly arrange doctors appointment and facilitate taking them, while they have not done that in the past.
  3. Your spouse has a sudden interest in one-on-one time with your child. While this is generally wonderful and healthy, it may be a sign that they are trying to create an ally in your child to serve their purposes during your divorce proceedings.

Yes, these are all actions that you would probably welcome and are very helpful helpful in co-parenting situations. However, if they come with no explanation, they may be a signal that your spouse is planning to file for divorce.

Signs of Another Significant Other

No one wants to consider that their spouse is cheating on them. But this is the most common reason for divorce, and recognizing the signs may help you identify when it is time to seek divorce help:

  1. Your spouse becomes possessive and secretive of their cell phone. They set up a password, they never leave their phone out in the open, their data usage increases or they prevent you from accessing the phone bill at all.
  2. They do not attempt to pursue physical intimacy with you. Sometimes you just get too busy with life to have “adult time,” but sometimes this might be a sign that your spouse’s needs are being met elsewhere.
  3. Your spouse’s appearance suddenly changes. On its own, there’s no need to be alarmed if you’re suddenly starts working out, loses weight, dressing differently and makes strides in their appearance. However, if this behavior is spontaneous with any other factors mentioned above, it could be an indicator that they are trying to make themselves more attractive for someone else.

You might be feeling a range of difficult emotions if you sense your marriage is reaching its final act. Although talking to a divorce lawyer might feel like the final nail in the coffin, recognizing the signs and getting legal aid will be your greatest asset through the separation.

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