Four Reasons to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

Contested divorce forms

Many individuals are unsure about making the decision to choose a divorce lawyer. They might think it easier to file on their own or not even know where to start. Many individuals might feel scared or even ashamed, believing they are the reason their marriage is failing. However, divorce is more common than most people realize. In the United States alone, two divorces occur per minute, making it a regular occurrence. Here are three reasons to consider when attempting to find a divorce lawyer.

Divorce Lawyers Can Help Clients Understand How Long Their Divorce Will Take

When attempting to choose a divorce lawyer, consider how long the divorce will take. Having children, property and considerable assets will make the divorce take longer. There is usually a waiting period that can last up to six months after the first divorce papers are filed before the divorce will be declared finalized. For couples who do not have assets or children, divorces can be processed much more quickly. During this time, the lawyer can provide advice about how to handle the proceedings and even be the go-to point for all communication between the parties involved. This can make life easier for everyone, and ensure a smooth proceeding.

Divorce Lawyers Do Not Have to Cost a Lot of Money

Many people erroneously think that getting a divorce must cost a lot of money. However, there are low cost divorce attorneys who can help their clients get divorced quickly and as effectively as possible. There are many attorneys that can not only work with clients in an effective manner, but also show them how they can keep assets or save money in their divorce.

Custody Issues Can Be Resolved Easily with the Assistance of An Attorney

Left on their own, custody battles can be difficult to untangle and scary for parents who think they may never be allowed to see their children again. When trying to choose a divorce lawyer, clients with children should look for someone who can provide them with proper legal aid for divorce. This includes advising them of their rights, letting them know what will and will not hold up in court, and working to ensure that they can maintain relationships with their children. It is important to remember that in custody cases, up to 29% of cases were resolved without assistance from a third party. So, while couples can work out these situations on their own, having the advice of an attorney can provide a safety net, to ensure that no rights are violated.

Having an Attorney who is Knowledgeable in Divorce Can Protect Clients in a Divorce with Fault

For those who have committed adultery, being able to ask a family lawyer can greatly help them get clear facts on their situation. This could include what might be owed to the other party in the divorce, if they must pay any kind of money for committing the act, and how this will affect the proceedings. Many couples get divorced due to adultery. Therapists report that 50% of the couples they counsel together are having issues related to infidelity. While it is true that not everyone who experiences this decides to divorce, it can cause a lot of problems within a marriage, making divorce the better choice for all involved.

When it comes to trying to choose a divorce lawyer, there are several reasons why having one would be helpful for anyone considering ending a marriage. The lawyer can help their clients understand exactly how long the divorce will take, which could range from less than a month to even longer depending on how much both couples have in assets. Divorce lawyers can be affordable, and can assist their clients with the best ways to make their situation work financially. Having an attorney can also make resolving any custody problems much easier, by ensuring the client gets to spend an equal amount of time with their children, and is not denied any fundamental rights to being in their child’s life. If the divorce was precipitated by something such as infidelity, the attorney will be able to advise the client on how to proceed and what to expect.

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