Month: June 2016

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Harris county bail bonds
Houston tx bail bondsman

Understanding the System of Jail and Bail

The process of setting and making bail is something most people have a basic understanding or comprehension of. For many people though, that is where it is the end, and the finer workings of bail bonding and the legality of it all are lost to many. Essentially a bail is a set amount of money […]

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Child custody
Dui laws by state
Family law attorney dayton ohio

FAQs About Child Custody

Going through a divorce or a separation can be a tricky situation, especially if you have children together. Dealing with child custody can be confusing, and finding a good lawyer is imperative to your case. Before you get into the whole process, it is important you know your facts. Here are some frequently asked questions […]

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estate planning lawyer
Estate lawyers san francisco
Probate lawyers in san francisco
Questions to ask a probate attorney

Probate Lawyers Help Families Plan for the Unexpected

Death is inevitable, and one needs to prepare for what happens after it. The best way to prepare is to visit a probate lawyers office. Probate lawyers help their clients draw up wills to share their estate after death. Usually, many of their clients appoint them estate administrators. The accounting and execution of a person’s […]

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Deposition videographer
Legal support service
Legal video

3 Awesome Benefits NCRA Court Reporters Enjoy

Whether you’re a high school student contemplating college or an older adult considering a mid-life career change, there’s one profession you might not readily think about, but should consider choosing: National Court Reporters Association, or NCRA court reporters. Court reporting services are not only a valuable and integral part of American society, the profession also […]

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