Month: June 2016

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Harris county bail bonds
Houston tx bail bondsman

Understanding the System of Jail and Bail

Americans have a right to a fair trial. For better or worse, however, that doesn’t mean that the judicial system is particularly fun or easy. Unfortunately, you could end up in jail for a long time before your court case is resolved if you can’t post bail. Fortunately, a bail agent can help with bail […]

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Child custody
Dui laws by state
Family law attorney dayton ohio

FAQs About Child Custody

Going through a divorce or a separation can be a tricky situation, especially if you have children together. Dealing with child custody can be confusing, and finding a good lawyer is imperative to your case. Before you get into the whole process, it is important you know your facts. Here are some frequently asked questions […]

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Estate lawyers san francisco
Probate lawyers in san francisco
Questions to ask a probate attorney

Probate Lawyers Help Families Plan for the Unexpected

She still remembers the pain. Her youngest daughter was only a few months old when she found out she had shingles. The pain, located near her right shoulder blade was unbearable. She explained it as someone sticking a knife in that shoulder and constantly twisting it. It was a little tricky getting relief from the […]

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Deposition videographer
Legal support service
Legal video

3 Awesome Benefits NCRA Court Reporters Enjoy

Whether you’re a high school student contemplating college or an older adult considering a mid-life career change, there’s one profession you might not readily think about, but should consider choosing: National Court Reporters Association, or NCRA court reporters. Court reporting services are not only a valuable and integral part of American society, the profession also […]

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