Probate Lawyers Help Families Plan for the Unexpected

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She still remembers the pain.
Her youngest daughter was only a few months old when she found out she had shingles. The pain, located near her right shoulder blade was unbearable. She explained it as someone sticking a knife in that shoulder and constantly twisting it. It was a little tricky getting relief from the pain because at the time she was a mother nursing a very young child. In the end, however, the doctor prescribed some pretty heavy duty pain killers and she fed her daughter a mix of formula and stored breast mild for several days.
Looking back, the shingles were likely the result of unusual stress. Although many people who have stress never get shingles, this young mother’s immune system seemed to negatively react to the stress of her step dad’s unexpected death and the events that followed.
Although the step father did not have a lot of money, possessions, or property, his children and his new wife’s children found a way to make everything a battle. The young mother should have never been involved, but as things turned out the step dad died in the hospital in the town where the young mother and her family lived. Being so close in proximity, the young mother was one of the first to meet the ambulance, and her step father, at the hospital.
It was a hospital visit she wishes she would not have made. As the news from the doctors progressed from bad to worse, it quickly became evident that the two sets of children were going to battle over a car, a mostly paid for house, and a couple of savings and retirement accounts.
Turns out families with fewer resources can be the families who squabble and argue the most over ownership and inheritance.
Who Needs a Probate Lawyer?
Probate lawyers help families find closure. When someone dies there are often many details to be taken care of in dealing with the estate. And while many think that you need to be rich to need a probate lawyer this is simply not the case. The end of life process goes better for everyone, even those with a limited amount of resources, when will and probate attorneys are involved.
When a loved one dies the family should focus on caring for each other and working through the stages of grief. Unfortunately, the implications of a death can be messy and family emotions run high. Instead of mourning a loss, family members and friends can get caught up in the messiness of death. Who gets what? How will assets be divided?br>
People who care for their loved ones will take the time to meet with a probate lawyer and create a will and power of attorney. Unfortunately, 41% of America’s Baby Boomers do not have a will and without a will the finances and possessions can be inaccessible while courts struggle to figure out what needs to be done. With probate lawyers, however, the deceased’s wishes and wants are recorded and known.
And while close to half of the Baby Boomer generation does not have a will, the statistics get even more frightening for the younger generation. In fact, 71% of adults under the age of 34 do not have a will. This statistic provided by the online legal service Rocket Lawyer, is especially concerning to people who understand the purpose of a probate and trust attorney. Without a will or other legal documents, an unexpected death or life altering injury can result in confusion for family members and friends.
What Are You Waiting For?
The bottom line is everyone benefits from the time it takes to create a will, a power of attorney, and other important documents. While one couple may finally decide to create a will when they go out of the country on a Mediterranean cruise, another family may think nothing of leaving the country without their children with no proper legal directions in place. And while accidental death and injury can happen in the country as well as abroad, the need for written documentation of a person’s wishes is important.
The decision to meet with a probate attorney is a decision to make family concerns a priority and protect family members.

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