Month: September 2017

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Driving Under the Influence and Distracted Driving When to Contact an Attorney

There are a variety of situations where a police officer may stop and pull over a driver. In some of these instances, these drivers may also be arrested. If someone is determined to be driving under the influence, they will be arrested. This is also the case with many vehicle accidents, particularly when someone is […]

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When should i consider an employment law firm

Three Reasons Your Construction Company Needs a Good Lawyer

In the year 2016, the construction market in the United States was worth somewhere around $1.162 billion. That makes it a pretty good sized industry. I’m sure you would agree. If you are in the construction business yourself, sooner or later, the chances are very good that you will have to face a situation where […]

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Why Do People File For Divorce?

You’ve tried to salvage your marriage. You’ve read article after article to learn some tips with dealing with arguments and financial disagreements. You’ve even attended marriage counseling sessions in an attempt to figure out what went wrong over the years. When a divorce is the only solution left to you it can feel like defeat. […]

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