Month: October 2013

Corona prenuptial agreement lawyer
Corona unmarried parents attorney
Divorce lawyer for men

Is Divorce Imminent? Hire an Attorney Today

Family law changes day by day, affecting common divorce terms. There are some basic things you need to know before getting a child custody lawyer. Understand the duties, rights, and responsibilities of the lawyer under the law. Failure to understanding such details will make you incur a high cost as you pursue the legal services. […]

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Car accident injury claim
St. louis employment attorney
What should i do after car accident

If You Are in an Auto Accident as the Result of Driver Negligence, Contact an Attorney Immediately

With each passing year, roughly 2 million people in America are harmed in accidents that necessitate hospital attention. In 2012 alone, about 25,580 car accidents resulted in fatalities, as reported by Statistic Brain. It is estimated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that there were 15,470 deaths as a result of auto accidents in […]

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California legislative history
California legislative intent services
Statuatory history

The Interesting and Unexpected Legislative History of Legal English

Over half a million federal court tort cases occur in the United States every year. Figures from Statistic Brain, a numbers-reporting website, lists the estimates average number of these cases in the U.S. as 512,000 annually. Additionally, there are a significantly large amount of civil lawsuits as well, and 20 percent of those are typically […]

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San bernardino collecting child support attorney
San bernardino dissolution of marriage attorney
San bernardino divorce attorney

What You Need to Know about Divorce Lawyers

The law can often be confusing for people trying to navigate its complexities during a divorce. In San Bernardino, there exist many different kinds of lawyers. Depending on the type of problems you encounter, you may need their services. Here is an explanation of some of the different types of lawyers who can become involve […]

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An Interview with Sheli Fulcher-Koontz of Law-Idaho PLLC

Law-Idaho PLLC has been serving clients in the Boise area for five years. We sat down with Sheli Fulcher-Koontz, an attorney and founding partner of the practice, to talk about her experience. Ms. Fulcher-Koontz, what is it that made you decide to found your own firm? Rick Dredge and I founded Law-Idaho PLLC to provide […]

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Bankruptcy lawyer
Probate law firm

A Brief Overview of Different Types of Law

The law can be a confusing world to navigate, or even to set foot in. You might know you need a lawyer, but not know the specific type of lawyer you need. Here are just a few definitions of myriad different areas of the law. Criminal Law. This is the type of law most often […]

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Divorce process
Divorce rights
Personal injury law attorneys

Finding the Best Divorce Lawyer

Whether you are facing divorce and child custody fears, or a combination of related issues, you can find the best divorce lawyer with some preliminary research. Working through division of property in divorce or custody challenges can be difficult enough without having the right divorce lawyers to represent you. Your initial research will insure that […]

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Hire the Most Educated and Qualified Lawyers for Your Firm

Did you know that as many as 145,564 belong to the 1%, or, in terms of a New York Times study, earn at least $380,000 before taxes? With such competitive pay, it is not difficult to see why many people end up in legal fields. Being a lawyer or attorney, however, is not for everyone. […]

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Capital formation attorney cleveland ohio —- [VIDEO]

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Houston visa lawyer
What is a green card
What type of visa do i need

Those Who are Trying to Obtain United States Citizenship Can Seek Assistance with Complying with Regulations with the Services of an Immigration Lawyer

Many people have always considered the United States to be a place of possibilities and opportunities. Throughout the history of the country, people have been leaving their home countries to come to America for the opportunities that are offered. People may immigrate to America for the prospect of new employment, to be married, or for […]

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