Hire the Most Educated and Qualified Lawyers for Your Firm

Lawyer lifestyle

Did you know that as many as 145,564 belong to the 1%, or, in terms of a New York Times study, earn at least $380,000 before taxes? With such competitive pay, it is not difficult to see why many people end up in legal fields. Being a lawyer or attorney, however, is not for everyone. The best lawyers have well-rounded, and thorough, educations, play to their strengths, and bring high energy, and emotional discipline, to the job. How can top legal firms truly know that they are hiring the best candidates, and what do legal recruitment firms look for in potential lawyers?

Education and Emotional Strength

Legal employment, especially working as a lawyer or attorney, requires a good deal of quality education. Educational standards and requirements vary by state, and some, like the state of Washington, mandate 30 hours of legal work without charge. Legal recruitment firms check (and double-check) state- and county-specific regulations, making sure that candidates for employment are up to snuff in every possible way.

Furthermore, legal search firms know that lawyer openings require much more than intelligence. The most qualified candidates have an emotional fortitude, and show telling signs of leadership, courage, and creativity. Although these qualities may seem extraneous, and like added perks to potential employers, they can actually be an essential part of the job. Why? The American Bar Association Journal reveals that a staggering majority of lawyers struggle with substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, and more.

The Perfect Fit

The number of attorney positions is astounding, and many of them are in trades and fields that are very different, and entirely separate, from each other. Criminal defense attorneys, corporate lawyers, family lawyers, real estate lawyers, and tax lawyers are just a handful of specializations, and the number of specific fields hardly ends there. Legal recruitment firms help counsel candidates, and help them choose areas of expertise that will best play to their strengths, education, and current experience.

Being a lawyer is not for everyone. Legal search firms help weed out potential candidates, screen them for state-by-state regulations and essential skill sets, and match up candidates and law firms for the best possible career paths.

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