A Brief Overview of Different Types of Law

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The law can be a confusing world to navigate, or even to set foot in. You might know you need a lawyer, but not know the specific type of lawyer you need. Here are just a few definitions of myriad different areas of the law.

  • Criminal Law. This is the type of law most often seen on television. Criminal law deals with any infraction perpetrated by someone on someone else, with regards to safety, property, health, or moral welfare. While this type of practice tends to get more spotlight than the others, it makes up only a single facet of the total body of law.
  • Probate Law. Probate is the process of proving a last will and testament before it can be distributed according to the wishes of the deceased. Probate attorneys shepherd a will through the entire process, even as far back as its initial signing by the grantor. Probate attorneys can also be called upon if any part of the will (the listed heirs, the executor, the manner of disbursement, etc.) is thought to be handled improperly.
  • Elder Law. This branch of law deals with the elderly, and primarily involves estate planning and advance directives. Probate attorneys are often well-versed in elder law, and are heavily involved in drawing up wills.
  • Divorce Law. Divorce lawyers act not only as intermediaries and negotiators between husbands and wives looking to separate their lives, but often as court liaisons and representatives as well, acting on behalf of their respective clients when courtroom time is required.
  • Bankruptcy Law. Filing for any chapter of bankruptcy involves meticulous financial examination. Bankruptcy lawyers prepare clients for the process. They can also specialize in certain chapters, such as Chapter 7 for individuals or Chapter 11 for businesses.

This list is by no means comprehensive. If you are having legal problems or concerns that don’t seem to be covered by any branch of law listed above, you can contact any one of these types of lawyer, and they can steer you in the right direction.

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