Day: February 17, 2013

Dui attorney
Mesa dui defense
Phoenix dui defense

DUI Lawyer in Tempe Arizona

If you are a Tempe DUI Lawyer, then you are one smart fellow for opening up shop near one of the largest colleges in America! A misdemeanor DUI takes place regularly in a college town, especially on a weekend night. Most of the time, a Tempe DUI Lawyer will keep his phone on at night […]

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The Inner Workings of Legal Employment

What is the lawyer lifestyle really like? It is all about going into court and fighting for clients’ rights, late nights at the office poring over thousands of pages of documents and paperwork, and daytime meetings with current and potential clients wanting to hire them for help? Or are there other components to the lifestyle […]

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Arizona personal injury attorney
Phoenix personal injury lawyer

Reasons to Work With a Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney

Arizona personal injury attorney services are quite varied. This is why finding a professional that understands the specific area of the law you are injury is related to is important. A Phoenix personal injury lawyer with experience representing cases similar to your own will be a very helpful legal resource. If you have been hurt […]

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