Have You Ever Received A Phone Call Saying That Your Husband or Son Has Been Arrested?

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It may be for driving under the influence. It may be for trespassing on private property. It may be for something more serious like breaking and entering, drug possession, or attempting to sell narcotics. For whatever reason, if you are a male in America, the odds of you getting picked up are fairly high. Statistics, in fact, indicate that 52% of American men will be arrested at least once in their lifetime. Another study shows that the younger you are, the more likely it may be that you will be arrested. A study published in a 2011 edition of Pediatrics indicated that one in three people will be arrested by the time they reach the age of 23.
And while Americans like to say that they trust the legal system, that is an easier statement to make if you are not, in fact, caught in the system.
When, however, you get the phone call that someone you love has been arrested, all of the hope that you have for the legal system can disappear before the end of the call. Instead of hanging your hopes on the legal system, you find yourself making plans to help get your loved one out of the jail cell or out of the holding center so you can begin working on a defense.
Why Do You Need Bail If You Are Innocent?
Between June of 2010 and June of 2011, nearly 12 million people were processed through jails across America. Unfortunately, many of those may be innocent. It is difficult, however, to prove you are innocent when you are behind bars. The thought process about why do you need bail, however, is as much about having easier access to a lawyer to work on proving your innocence as it is about avoiding time behind bars.
One of the most frightening statistic about how the U.S. legal system works is that on any given day, as many as 60% of the U.S. jail population consists of people who are not convicted, but are being held in detention while they wait the resolution of charges. Even though the you would like to think that those in the care of the legal system are safe, we all know that is often not the case.
If you are looking to post a bond for someone you love, the first step is to contact a bail bondsman. contacting a full-service bail bond company will help you anticipate the steps and the money needed for anything from non-arrest bonds to felony criminal bonds.
Why Do You Need Bail If Your Son Has Been Arrested?
Tough love. You have heard all of the talk. Read all of the books. The experts taut the value of letting your children, especially your adult children, suffer the consequences of their actions. Those experts and those books, however, may not have understood today’s climate. More than ever before, in fact, parents may fear for the safety and care of their loved one who is in custody.
Videos of police brutality and stories of officers being exonerated from any wrong doing could make any parent or souse fear for the safety of anyone behind bars. Especially if that someone is a person of color.
Currently, there are as many as 14,000-bail agents working in the U.S. These agents are often a family’s first line of defense against an arrest. The reality of today’s legal system is that instead of asking yourself why do you need bail, the only real question you should be asking is how fast can I make bail. Any night in a cell is a night that is unpredictable. Current events indicate that some police officers are not being held accountable for their actions. If you or a loved one becomes a victim of those unchecked actions, the consequences can be great.
Bail bonds agents serve clients as diverse as the successful computer software engineer with a wife and two children at home as well as a youth who appears to be on the path to becoming a career criminal. Their services help their clients get out of an unknown and sometimes dangerous situation so they can plan a course of action.

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