Three Terrible Times You Need a Lawyer

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There are three times in life when you should seek an attorney’s counsel. It is not absolutely necessary, but a personal injury lawyer has a good chance of helping your case turn out favorably. Read below to find out how.

Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help Sped Your Claim.

As many as 85% of injuries at the workplace are falls, trips, or slips due to an overly slick floor. Every workplace should include a brief (if possible) yet still comprehensive tutorial on how to avoid injuries common to the profession. The injuries an office worker might experience are much different than those of a mechanic. Any injury that takes someone out of work but could have been avoided is a problem. The burden is proving whether it the company or the employee is at fault.

If a claim is not straightforward, or if you run into resistance, it is a good idea to get outside help. A personal injury lawyer will know what documents are needed, when claims need to be submitted, and will argue and fight on your behalf. When an employee’s injury prevents them from working, this is good news as everyone prefers these matters to be settled sooner rather than later.

Auto Accidents Are Nothing to Text Home About.

The ubiquity of cell phones has made staying connected to friends and family easier than ever. It has also had the benefit of leading to more car accidents. Over 660,000 drivers are on their cell phones at any given moment in the U.S. It is well known that being distracted from the road for even a second can be enough to crash, sometimes with tragic results. Although any driver, even a responsible one, can become distracted while operating a vehicle, texting while driving is particularly dangerous for two reasons. One, the driver takes their eyes off the road, for a moment at a time or longer. Two, one of the driver’s hands is removed from the wheel, which could lead to less control if the car is on anything other than a straight road.

The Uncomfortable Truth of Chapter 7.

It is wise to seek the counsel of an attorney when filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Cases that have an attorney on the claimant’s side have a 95% success rate. Filing for chapter 7 of course means that the debtor may be required to liquidate nonexempt property to pay their creditors. Because filing for bankruptcy has a lasting effect on the filer’s life, it is important that all options are considered before submitting the declaration.

Any of these three situations is not pleasant. Lost time from work, an injury, a wrecked car, or a severe loss of funds can be devastating. Get advice to find out the best next step to take to make things right again.

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