Injuries, Missing Work, and Everything In Between

Any kind of serious injury is something that most people cannot afford both financially and physically. Not only will an injury require medical work which results in expensive medical costs but someone may also end up missing work due to the injury as well. Therefore, this can hurt the bank account of the average American in two serious ways. As a result, it is imperative to seek legal counsel for your situation.

One of the biggest reasons why experts recommend getting help from a lawyer deals with how injury cases play out. Across the country, nearly 96% of all personal injury cases do not even make it to court. Rather, these cases are settled before trial with a settlement which is basically a payout. Therefore, it is wise to seek legal counsel whenever you end up missing work from an injury that is not your fault. Here is why:

Slip and Fall Injuries Can Provide Workers Compensation

A slip and fall injury is not just potentially incredibly dangerous, it can really hurt the average worker’s life. First and foremost, it is important to understand that slip and fall situations are no joke. As a matter of fact, a slip and fall type of injury can be really hazardous for the person involved. Nearly 5% of all people involved in this type of accident will fracture a bone! This is definitely going to cost them in bills and missing work as well.

A recent study was conducted involving slip and fall accidents and how much time is required for the employee to be away from work. This study managed to reveal that almost 22% of these situations resulted in someone missing almost 31 days from work. This is on average and some situations may be more time away or less. However, anyone missing work from an injury that is not their fault deserves proper legal representation from a personal injury lawyer!

Hire A Car Accident Lawyer If You End Up Missing Work Due To A Car Accident Injury

Another situation that can be potentially dangerous for injury victims involves a car accident. Now, it is important to understand that people do not have to be in a vehicle to get hurt by a car accident. As a matter of fact, this can happen involving motorcyclists and bicyclists, who have significantly less protection than someone in a car.

Missing work because someone hit you in a vehicle and they give you an injury should not hurt you and your financial situation. In the year 2014 alone, bicyclists ended up accounting for nearly 2% o all motor vehicle crash-related injuries. This is not fair to the people who are on bikes trying to enjoy a nice ride on a beautiful summer evening. Therefore, anyone hurt in this manner needs a personal injury attorney to represent them and their costs.

It is also really important to understand the difference between at-fault accidents. If you are involved in a car accident where you are at fault, then the situation falls on you. However, if you are hit by someone and you were following the rules and regulations, then they are at fault.

Three reasons are most commonly behind accidents in the United States and they involved drinking and then driving, speeding, and distracted driving. Obviously, if you are hurt by someone who is drunk driving then you need immediate legal representation in court. There are harsh penalties and stiff laws that work to prevent people from drunk driving and they are punished accordingly. Also, all of the other reasons can also come with compensation if you end up missing work because of an injury.

In Conclusion

Do not hesitate to seek out help for any injury that results in you missing work and more. Take time to get a lawyer that is going to put you and your situation first and will seek out the proper compensation!

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