Important Legal Resources That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

If you’re like most people, you will eventually need the help of a lawyer. After all, lawyers and attorneys and other such legal professionals can prove to be a truly valuable resource for a wide array of different reasons and people. For one thing, legal professionals can provide legal help in areas of the law such as that of creating a will.

Creating a will and going through the process of estate planning is quite hugely important indeed. Unfortunately, very nearly 30% of all senior citizens in this one country alone do not yet have one. This is something that is hugely detrimental to their lives, and is something that can be helped by a lawyer. Estate planning is something that even younger people should partake in, and any lawyer will tell you that you are never to young to go through the process of estate planning.

Of course, estate planning is far from the only are of the law in which legal aid is likely to become necessary, at least at some point in time. Aside from estate planning and matters surrounding trusts and wills, the divorce attorney also plays a critical role in the lives of many people. After all, divorce rates are really quite high all throughout the United States.

Even for first marriages, more than 40% will ultimately end in a divorce. On top of this, the divorce rate becomes quite considerably higher for each and every marriage that follows after. To put things in a better perspective, it has been found that as many as 60% of all second marriages end and that nearly three quarters of all third marriages will also ultimately end in a divorce. Unfortunately, this means that there are well over 800,000 divorces finalized over the course of just one single year – and just within the United States.

And, as any law firm or lawyer specializing in divorce will all too easily be able to tell you, divorce is certainly not usually an easy process. Even the most normal and by the book of all divorce cases is still likely to take as long as a year before being finalized. Things become truly even more complex when children are involved in the dissolving marriage, as is unfortunately the case up to 30% of the time. Deciding matters of child custody can certainly be contentious indeed, and therefore it is essential to have a legal professional on hand to see the divorce through.

And even apart from estate planning and divorce and determining matters of child custody, still other types of legal cases are hugely prominent all throughout the country. For instance, personal injury cases are quite commonplace and stem from a variety of different incidents. For instance, it is not uncommon to see car accident cases develop into personal injury cases, especially when you consider that of the six million car accidents that occur throughout just one year here in the United States, as many as three million total people will sustain some sort of injury.

And many of these car and other such motor vehicle accidents can, unfortunately, be directly linked back to drunk driving or otherwise driving while in some way intoxicated. After all, up to 300,000 drunk drivers will take to the roads over the course of each and every day. And, sadly, the average habitual drunk driver will actually find that they get away with driving while drunk for as many as 80 times before they are finally caught and actually apprehended.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the toll drunk driving takes is a high one. After all, a new person become injured over the course of such an incident for every two minute span of time that passes by. And recent data even shows that as many as 28 separate people will even lose their lives in drunk driving related incidents over the course of a single day – and that’s just all throughout the United States, let alone anywhere else in the world where drunk driving has also become hugely problematic. It’s not hard to see the origin for personal injury claims.

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