Getting Legal Assistance After an Accident

Sometimes in their daily life, such as at a physically demanding job or while driving on the road, Americans may face injury as a result of drunk or distracted drivers, bad weather, or carelessness at the workplace, and whenever someone gets hurt in a crash or other accident, they may want to call upon an auto accident attorney or a lawyer for workplace injuries. Such injuries may be serious and result in high medical bills, and in some cases, these injuries may prevent a person from performing paying work in the future, and this can have a complicated and serious impact on that person’s financial future. Whenever workplace injuries or motor vehicle accidents take place, it is imperative that the injured party gets legal representation so that they can get the settlement they want. How can this be done?

The Roads and Injury

Drunk drivers may have a BAC, a blood alcohol content, above 0.08%, and having this level of BAC behind the wheel is in fact a crime whether or not a crash occurs. Drunk drivers will not have the coordination or the reaction times needed to avoid hitting pedestrians or other cars, and distracted drivers, those paying attention to their cell phones or the car’s dashboard features, can also be dangerous on the road. And it is not just other drives who may become victims; it has been determined that in the year 2013, 14% of all traffic fatalities were motorcycle riders, and they made up 4% of all people injured on the road. In other cases, even if no drunk or distracted drivers are present, bad weather such as heavy rain and snow can limit visibility and make the roads slick.

After a crash, a victim is urged to make a car accident claim and hire a personal injury attorney. After all, the victim is likely to be an emotionally charged and subjective state of mind, but a lawyer will have the clear thinking and objectivity needed to make a coherent and effective case. This lawyer can use their expertise with the law and car crash cases to demand settlement money for their client and outline the reasons why, and this lawyer will know what to do if the at-fault party’s insurance company does not cooperate or if there are multiple parties involved (this can complicate matters). Someone who was hurt in a car crash can look for local law firms those attorneys specialize in personal injury cases, and get consultations with the lawyers there (this may or may not incur a fee). The client should find a lawyer whose personality, skills, and experience are to the client’s liking. They will then work as a team to build their case and pursue litigation, though clients should be aware that few such cases actually make it to trial; 95-96% of personal injury cases are settled pre-trial.

The Workplace

Workplace injuries may be common for those who have physically demanding jobs, such as factory workers, those who work at parks and outdoor preserves, and construction crews. At a work site, a person may be exposed to heat or flames, have something fall on them, inhale dangerous fumes or airborne particles, or get body parts trapped in machines, and those working with wildlife may suffer animal attacks of venomous bites from snakes or spiders. When such a case occurs, an injured worker may look for legal assistance to get settlement for what happened to them. In the case of a construction project, for example, an injured worker may make use of their company’s construction lawyer, or reach out and find one at a local firm. These lawyers will know how to handle legal complications on a project, and the accused party may have their own lawyer to represent them. When this happens, the lawyers may work with each other to find the best solution so that a construction project may resume once the matter is over. But in some cases, if a construction project is causing many workplace injuries due to faulty equipment or careless crews, an involved party’s construction lawyer may call for the termination of the entire project so that further problems can be avoided.

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