5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been looking into a personal injury lawyer, you may have some questions about the whole process. In this video and article, we will give you 5 questions that you for sure need to ask your attorney before the hiring process.


The number 1 question you need to be asking is how they charge you. Most personal injury lawyers work on the pricing that if you don’t win, they won’t get any money.

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But if you do win your case, you will then have to pay a certain percentage of your earnings to that lawyer. These percentages can seem high, but remember, they only get paid if you do.

Is There Any Costs for The Client

For any additional costs that you will have to take care of this can be done through a settlement fee. The settlement is very much like the percentage fee previously discussed.

Will My Case Go To Trial?

While this is a very good question, a lot of cases do not end up going to trial. In fact, a majority of cases don’t even make it to court and are settled with the insurance company.

Whats the Clients Role

Since this an injury-related case, it’s important that you just keep following up with your doctors and stay safe.


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