The Benefits of Affordable Legal Plans

Legal protection

The American legal system is unique. Everyone is considered to be innocent until there is evidence of guilt. Our country is full of legal attorneys who are specialized in different areas of the law to assist those being charged with a crime. These specialized attorneys know the law and the many loopholes of the law. Anyone who has ever been charged with a crime or anyone who has ever been involved in the legal system in any way can understand how important it is to have an experienced and qualified attorney representing you. It can be the difference between winning and losing a legal case. It is somewhat relieving to know that you can hire experienced representation during legal cases, but this representation often comes with a high price. The price may be so high that many cannot afford the quality legal help that they need.

Lawyers are known to be very knowledgeable, yet very expensive. Many people may skimp on their legal assistance to save money, or because they simply cannot afford the type of help they need. What if you could treat legal help in much the same way that health insurance is handled? Without health insurance, you would not be able to afford many of the health procedures and visits that you have. You can afford it because you pay a small monthly fee to ensure that you are always covered, even in the event of a medical emergency.

An independent legal insurance plan works in much this way. Affordable legal plans are monthly plans that allow you to utilize the services of an experienced attorney, whenever needed. The monthly fees are often much less than what you would need to pay for an experienced attorney?s fees for one case. Also, many monthly affordable legal plan holders will find that they have many more legal questions than they thought. They will have the ability to contact an attorney for minor advice, something they may have never dreamed of doing before, because of the price. Nearly half (49%) of Harris Poll respondents were very or somewhat likely to consult websites where consumers can post legal questions for lawyers to answer. These websites often charge a fee to post the questions, and the affordable legal plans monthly fee is very similar.

Another benefit to having an affordable legal plan is that you have more freedom as to which attorney you work with. Some people may find themselves locked into a specific attorney?s services, because they have already paid their fees. Changing attorneys can be very expensive. However, with affordable legal plans, you can choose from any of the available attorney?s in the plan, similar to choosing a healthcare provider in your health insurance plan. Data from the ABA?s 2010 Legal Technology Survey Report shows that just over half of the lawyers in solo practices (52%), while four out of five (81%) of those in offices from two to nine lawyers have websites. With so many attorneys? not having websites, it can be difficult to choose the best attorney for your legal needs. With affordable legal plans, you do not have to worry about not fitting with your attorney, as you can easily change lawyers.

Another benefit is the extent of lawyers that are available with these plans. You are likely to need different types of lawyers throughout your life, making it difficult to simply go with one you have used previously. For example, an estate planning attorney will be able to help with drafting wills and estates, but may not be able to help with a DUI case. Over 1.4 million people are arrested each year for DUI first offense. The estate planning attorney may not be able to help with this type of a case. Affordable legal advice may need to come from an attorney who is more qualified with DUI legal cases.

Most people will find themselves working with the legal system at some point in their lives. They will also find that legal representation is very expensive. An affordable legal plan can help guarantee that you are always legally represented, working similar to your health insurance plan does.

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