Five Things to Look for in a Maritime Accident Lawyer

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Are you looking of a maritime accident lawyer? If you are injured while on a cruise or at sea at all, the waters are murky on personal injury law and how it applies to your situation, since you weren’t in a specific jurisdiction at the time of the accident. A maritime accident lawyer specializes in these exact situations, and knows how to navigate your case so that you are justly compensated for your pain and suffering. Before hiring a maritime accident lawyer, you should take the following factors into consideration:

Five Things to Look for in a Maritime Accident Lawyer

  1. Exclusive practice.

    When you are injured at sea, and have a legitimate claim, many personal injury lawyers will be happy to take your business (and money). However, it is important to specifically look for a maritime injury attorney. The laws that apply to maritime injury settlements are complicated and unique; most attorneys aren’t prepared to get you the best outcome for your circumstances. When you use an attorney who has dedicated their career to injuries at sea, they’re best equipped to handle the complications that come with your case. It’s important to know that your case is in the best hands, and finding a lawyer who specializes in maritime law is an important part of that.
  2. Participating in landmark cases.

    The judicial system is based on prior precedent. When a maritime injury case is settled, the specifics of that case are used to settle cases in the future. There is no better way to know that your maritime injury case is in the best hands than hiring the attorneys who actually worked on the landmark cases that will influence your case. Before hiring a maritime lawyer, look into their participation in other cases that are similar to yours.

  3. Being available for an initial consultation.

    Before you buy a car, it’s a good idea to take a few for a test drive, so you are confident in the one you purchase. Your maritime injury settlement likely involves far more money on the line than your car. Why wouldn’t you take the same care while shopping for a maritime injury lawyer to represent you?

    It’s a good idea to consult at least three maritime injury lawyers before selecting one. Most lawyers offer free consultations. If the lawyer you’re considering does not, you might want to keep looking. If your perspective lawyer isn’t available to hold an initial consultation, it could be an indication that they won’t be available to give your case the time and work it needs to be successful.
  4. Success-driven.

    No matter how much education a lawyer has, no matter how much experience they have under their belt, no matter how much they charge per hour, they have nothing to offer you unless they can win your case. Before making a decision on which lawyer to use, make sure you look at the results they’ve had in cases that are similar to yours. If the law firm can’t offer you at least several similar cases they’ve worked on with positive results, you might not want to trust the outcome of your claim in their hands.

  5. Experience with your exact situation.

    Every maritime injury case is different. If you find a lawyer who has experience with the exact situation that your case involves, it could be the difference between winning and losing the case.

    Most maritime cases involve one of the major cruise lines: Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruise Lines, and Disney Cruise Lines. Every cruise line handles litigation against them differently. Look for an attorney who has experience with the exact cruise line your maritime injury case involves. This will give you the advantage of being prepared for the type of fight you’re in for.

When you are injured at sea, you deserve to be fairly compensated for the pain, injury, and damage that you were subject to. Most likely, any type of lawyer would be willing to take your case, but using a maritime injury lawyer will give you the best shot at getting the settlement you deserve. When hiring a maritime injury lawyer, you should look for the attributes we mentioned above.

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