With The Jones Act Workers Compensation For Maritime Workers Is Covered

Defense base act attorney

The Jones Act, which pertains to maritime law, is specifically designed to compensate workers for their job related injuries. They can sue their employers for wrongful negligence or seek compensation to pay medical expenses and cover lost time away from work by hiring Defense Base Act attorneys, also called Dba lawyers, who are mostly familiar with the military’s defense bases and the laws that surround them. With regard to the Jones Act workers compensation issues with these maritime workers usually are resolved in due time.

With respect to the Jones Act workers compensation issues involve both paying off medical bills and other expenses and seeking emotional compensation of sorts with the assistance of a Dba attorney. An attorney highlights what happened and fights for a client by demonstrating how the accident or injury could have been prevented. The attorney also aims to place blame on the employer.

When discussing the Jones Act workers compensation issues that arise usually are compared quite easily with those surrounding the Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act, which also protects workers who are in dangerous jobs at sea and overseas. These maritime claims often are taken into deep consideration by the courts, since they do occur more frequently at sea than in many other types of jobs across a range of industries. Therefore, lawyers with expert knowledge of these laws and of how to get the most compensation for their clients are normally the lawyers who are called upon to help settle these cases.

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