Lawyer Lifestyle Challenges and Rewards

Lawyer lifestyle

Are you cut out for the lifestyle of a lawyer? Students who want to gain legal employment should ask themselves that question. Lawyers can face many challenges that the ordinary citizen does not have to face. For instance, a lawyer lifestyle can include at least a 60 hour work week. Sometimes a lawyer lifestyle is one where it is normal for the lawyer to work hard to meet their quota for billable hours. While some professionals can expect a bonus for working long hours, a lawyer lifestyle has not traditionally been one where you would consider a bonus for putting in extra hours compensated for. In fact, a lawyer lifestyle is one where random acts of kindness are really appreciated, instead of expecting more pay for working longer hours.

Young lawyers who have not obtained partner status yet have an even more stressful lawyer lifestyle than older, more established attorneys do. Since the lawyer lifestyle is so stressful in the beginning, a lot of young lawyers decide it is not worth it and go into other professions. So, the bottom line is that although you might expect the lifestyle of a lawyer to be glamorous, the opposite is often more of the reality. Young lawyers have to be able to tolerate having less time to spend with their families.

The result is less and less interest in anyone becoming a lawyer. To help combat the loss of interest and the slim pickings that law firms are experiencing as far as attracting new partners goes, real options are being considered to improve lawyer lifestyle. For instance, law firms are starting to give more benefits. Higher salaries are being offered and even bonuses now. However, the trade off may be the expectation of more billable hours.

One shocking benefit a law firm is offering is to pay off $100,000 on the lawyer’s mortgage on a house if the lawyer remains with the law firm for at least six months. That type of bonus can go a long way to improve lawyer lifestyle today. The lawyer could afford a bigger and more expensive home. If you think are cut out for a lawyer lifestyle you can find out more on this subject by searching online for more information about the lawyer lifestyle today.

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