When You Should Call a Real Estate Attorney

If you’re buying or selling a home, you’ll need a real estate attorney to help you with the legal paperwork that goes along with it.

The buyer’s real estate attorney will always be present at the closing. When the money is exchanged and the ownership of the property is handed over, this is closing process.

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The lawyer’s job is to make sure the transfer is legal, binding, and in the client’s best interests.

Documents may be prepared, insurance policies written, property searches completed, and funds transferred for the purchase handled by a real estate attorney and his or her staff. Attorneys are typically in charge of all paperwork associated with financing a home purchase, including preparing the federal HUD-1 Form and any accompanying transfer of funds documents.

The attorney will handle a real estate dispute, such as a chain of title, lot line, or any other contract-related issue.

A real estate attorney may be required in some states to supervise and attend the closing of a real estate transaction. This list of attorney closing states includes Connecticut, Delaware, and Georgia. Massachusetts, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and South Carolina. A lawyer is required to certify title in other states, which are known as attorney title opinion states.

This video is a perfect guide to know when you should call a real estate attorney. Watch the video for details.

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