What are the Options Against Drunk Driving Charges?

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you asked yourself “What are my options after being arrested without an attorney present?” Fortunately, most of us have never had to think about it, because we are responsible enough to avoid situations that could get us in trouble with the law. For the majority of individuals who find themselves asking the above question, driving drunk is probably the reason they’re asking it.

If you ever make the unwise choice to operate a motor vehicle after consuming more than one drink, it is in your best interest to respectfully ask the officer that you want to speak with a DUI defense attorney before you comply with any sobriety tests. Although DUI laws vary by state, in most states any motorist who is stopped by a law enforcement officer under suspicion of drunk driving has the right to speak to a drunk driving lawyer right away.

While there is never an excuse for getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol and driving it, every American has the legal right to speak with an attorney before answering any question. Criminal defense law firm are there to defend the rights of American citizens who have been charged with serious crimes. Since drunk driving is a serious charge that can lead to serious jail time, it is imperative that any driver who is charged with drunk driving contact the best DUI defense lawyer as possible.

A top defense attorney can help individuals who are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol to stand up for their rights. In order to successfully defend their clients against the evidence that the state presents against them, a good defense attorney will possess the skill and experience required to refute the prosecution’s evidence. Whether it is through police video analysis, conducting witness interviews, or casting doubt toward breathalyzer results, the very best defense attorneys can do it.

It is always best to stay out of the driver’s seat after drinking any amount of alcohol. But if the occasion arises when clouded judgment leads you to make a poor decision, a top criminal defense attorney can give you the legal guidance you need to defend the rights that have been granted to every American citizen. Now you know exactly what you have to do if you are ever left wondering “What are my options after being arrested without an attorney present.”

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