Tips for Event Planning for a New Law Firm

Launching a new law firm is an exciting event. An event like this will require planning, organization, and teamwork. The goal is to keep your attendees engaged and promote the word about your new business. For the most part, depending on the theme, an event like this may be semi-formal to formal. Sometimes, the event may be more casual, like a business casual outdoor function.

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The YouTube video guides viewers through event planning.

A Business Casual Event

A law firm is the type of business you associate collar and ties with. You should consider holding an event that’s a little bit more casual. After all, the event’s goal is for your attendees to focus on the launch of your business rather than the attire and food at the event. While these factors are still important to the aesthetic, they shouldn’t be the primary focus. You want to get people talking.

When people talk, the word about your company gets out. Hire speakers and hosts that suit the theme and objective of the occasion. Consider a late afternoon or early evening occasion. You may need to hire portable restrooms for your event. A porta potty rental in Greensboro may provide luxury restrooms for your classy event. Luckily, hiring a company with the right facilities will be the easiest part of planning your launch.


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