How Criminal Defense Attorneys Get Cases Dismissed

Watch this video to find out how criminal defense attorneys get charges dismissed. If you are charged with a crime today, you will likely hire a criminal defense attorney unless you can defend yourself in court.
The work of a criminal defense attorney is to convince the prosecutor that they cannot prove the charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt.

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A good defense attorney can therefore get the charges against you dismissed even before you are taken through trial.
You can achieve a dismissal by understanding the weaknesses in the evidence that the prosecution is presenting against you. Your defense attorney should review this evidence with you to devise a watertight defense strategy.
You can even involve a private investigator to gain additional perspective on the prosecutor’s charges and evidence. Your defense attorney should then communicate to the prosecution their inability to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt based on this discovery.
You can use this discovery to file a motion to suppress the prosecution’s evidence through your attorney. The court can make the evidence null and void if it was either unlawfully obtained or lacks credibility.

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