A Day in the Life of a Law Office Owner

This video is to inform viewers about a law office and what the life of a lawyer who owns one is like. Attorneys often lead very interesting lives. They often handle divorce cases, and estate planning, and have to go to family court and other things. How does one become a lawyer? First, you need to get a formal education.

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One must receive a bachelor’s degree. Your field of study doesn’t have to be in anything specific. In fact, you can study just about anything and still become a lawyer. Most people study things like political science, history, or pre-law in their undergraduate years. After you receive your degree, you’ll need to study for the BAR exam. The BAR exam is a test that all lawyers in the making need to take in order to become official lawyers.

Note that you need to take the BAR exam in the state you want to be a lawyer in, as your certification is only valid in that state and does not apply to the rest of the country. It is best to figure out what field you would like to go into for law, as there are many different fields you can go into to help people. Visit your nearest law office for information!


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