What To Know About Personal Injury Cases and Driving

Accidents can happen anywhere. While many can be prevented, others may confine you to time in the hospital for a while. An accident may be due to another person’s negligence.

You need a personal injury lawyer to help you get justice in such a situation. They’ll help with personal injury cases, such as those caused by bike, aviation, mass transportation, and pedestrian accidents. Others are caused by animal bites and attacks.

Personal injury lawyers must have personal injury law 101 at their fingertips. The lawyer can file a claim on your behalf, and demand that the negligent party compensate you to take you back to the position you would have been in had the injury not happened. Personal injury lawyers are used to negotiating as part of their professional lives.

They’ll review the policy details and determine your maximum compensation depending on the particulars of your case. An attorney, especially one handling personal injury claims, is best placed to negotiate with the insurance office. They’ll tackle whatever personal injury topics you could be having trouble with while pursuing justice.

The extra help is valuable as law jargon can be complicated. It’s better to have a lawyer guide you through a catastrophic injury lawsuit as they understand what it takes, especially if the accident left you permanently disabled or disfigured, in which case they’ll have to follow through with the case in your absence.

Unfortunately, car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents are all too common no matter where you go in the United States. And while some types of car and motor vehicle accidents cannot be prevented due to causes outside of the realm of human interference, such as nature and severe weather conditions that often create unsafe driving conditions and unsafe roads in general, many car and motor vehicle accidents can, in fact, be prevented. In these such cases, victims of a car accident should seek the advice of personal injury attorneys. Personal injury attorneys can help to determine liability and if the other party is liable, garner the victim a significant settlement to offset medical costs and the like. With more than thirty thousand fatal car accidents in the United States alone in just one year, car crashes and motor vehicle accidents are a problem – but one that we are learning how to combat.

One major cause of preventable car accidents is that, of course, of drunk driving. Drunk driving is all likely to lead to preventable deaths and serious injuries, but is not prevented nearly as much as it should be. For instance, the average driver will drive drunk a total of around eighty times before they are finally pulled over and charged with their first DUI, and drunk drivers get behind the wheel more than three hundred thousand times a day on United States roads alone. These statistics show that drunk driving is more common than many of us would like to believe – and that many of the people who drive drunk or otherwise under the influence do not always fully understand the risk that they are taking.

But there is more to driving under the influence than just alcohol alone. Though alcohol is a significant cause of accidents, other drugs can impair drivers and lead to accidents, such as prescription drugs (particularly if they are being abused) or, as is expected, recreational ones. After all, drug use other than alcohol results in making up more than fifteen percent of all motor vehicle accidents. Most of these accidents – if not every one of them – could have been prevented, saving lives and leaving personal injury attorneys out of it, as a personal injury law firm is likely to become involved in settling a drunk driving case.

Personal injury attorneys also often work on cases that are related to distracted driving. Though in cases of distracted driving the driver is most often sober, distracted driving has been found to be comparably dangerous when the driver is on the road. Distracted driving typically refers to driving while distracted by a cell phone, but it is possible for a distracted driver to be distracted by anything. Though many underestimate the dangers of distracted driving, just looking away from the road for five seconds while going fifty five miles per hour or more can be hugely dangerous, as you will cross the span of an entire football field in just that short split second of time. Fortunately, overall rates of distracted driving appear to be declining, with statistics showing .5 percent less cases of distracted driving just between the years of 2015 to 2016.

For those who contact personal injury attorneys, it is important to do your research into personal injury attorneys before reaching out and making contact. You want to choose a personal injury attorney with practice and a good track record, as they will help to investigate, settle, and conclude your case as smoothly as possible. Fortunately for many, the vast majority of personal injury cases never see the inside of a courtroom and are able to be settled outside of such legal proceedings, with only around four percent ever seen before a judge or a jury.

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