What to Do After a Car Accident

Many millions of cars and trucks are on the American road system every day, such as the nation’s highways and freeways, city roads, and more. Over 200 million Americans have a valid driver’s license and often put them to good use, commuting to and from work and college, going on trips or errands, and more. Many Americans are safe and responsible about how they drive, but the unfortunate truth is that some drivers are heavily impaired and are very dangerous to themselves and others. Car accidents and car crashes are tragically common in the United States today, and many people are injured in such collisions every year. Driver error or bad weather may also be a factor and cause a trucking accident, for example. After such a crash, legal professionals such as trucking accident lawyers and accident attorneys may be hired by the victim of such a crash. And in some cases, a truck driver may pursue litigation against their employer with a trucking accident lawyer if weather or truck failure caused a crash or injury.

Hazards of the Road

Why might a trucking accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer be hired? Some drivers are impaired and are not fit to operate a motor vehicle. A common example is when someone is drunk or high on drugs while driving, and such people are a grave threat to themselves and others. Drugs and alcohol will impair the driver’s coordination, reflexes, judgment, and possibly even their vision, and all of this means that they may run red lights or traffic signs, swerve erratically, speed, and hit other cars or pedestrians. Police officers are often on the lookout for such drivers, who are distinctive on the road. Only a small fraction of drunk drivers are actually pulled over, but this does not mean that a driver should challenge those odds. Meanwhile, some drivers mistakenly believe that driving “buzzed” is a safer alternative, but it is not, and shouldn’t be attempted. As the law sees it, a drunk driver has a BAC, or a blood alcohol content, or 0.08% or higher, and driving drunk alone constitutes a serious crime, even if no collisions or injuries occur as a result.

Meanwhile, a driver may preoccupied with a handheld electronic device or their car or truck’s dashboard features. This is dangerous because the driver is not looking where they are going, and this means that they are likely to hit other vehicles, pedestrians, and traffic. For this reason, using electronic devices while driving is often illegal and may get someone pulled over. Finally, a major hazard of the road is the weather itself, and heavy snow or rain (especially at night) may impair a person’s vision of the road and make the roads slick and slippery. In this case, collisions are more likely to happen even if no one involved is drunk or distracted. This may even happen to semi trucks, which may go too fast around a corner and lose traction on a rain-slick road. Momentum may cause these trucks to collide with other cars or even pedestrians or property, and a trucking accident lawyer may be hired by the injured party. When might a trucking accident lawyer or other car accident attorney be hired, and what can be expected from them?

Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer

An injured party may seek legal assistance in getting settlement money after a roadside accident, and for good reason. The victim is likely to be in an emotionally charged state and have a subjective view, but a hired lawyer will have the clarity of mind and objective view needed to pursue effective litigation on their behalf. What is more, the victim’s injuries may prevent them from performing paying work in the future, and this may have a complex financial impact that may be effectively calculated by a lawyer. A trucking accident lawyer may figure out how this financial impact, and the medical bills might alter the litigation that they pursue.

Lawyers will also have the right legal expertise to handle complications in the case, such as if the at-fault party’s insurance company does not act in good faith or if multiple parties are involved. Lawyers may assign blame and distribute settlement money in a legal and fair manner.

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