Three Reasons a Parent May Lose Custody in Court

Child custody cases are a big deal because they have the potential to change your life as you know it. A custody law attorney can guide you on the best way to go about a custody hearing so you have a good outcome. With these cases, strategy matters a lot and a good custody law attorney knows exactly what you need to do.

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One reason someone may lose custody is that they don’t know what to do. This could be either because they are self-represented or are under the guidance of an attorney without extensive experience in custody cases.

Another reason is that the parent does not want to follow the advice of their attorney. Whether it is because of pride or something else, this will often result in a lost case.

The final reason why a parent may lose custody in court is when they are unable to actually do what is necessary and what their attorney advises them to do. This could be due to being an addict or having a mental illness and refusing to get treatment for it.

In the end, you have a better chance of winning your custody case if you enlist the services of a good custody law attorney and follow their guidance.

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