Three Questions Personal Injury Lawyers May Be Asked

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It can be difficult to come back from a major accident — whether you’re the person who has sustained the accident yourself, or the loved one of someone who has been in an accident. Often, motorcycle and car accidents can result in major brain injuries or even loss of life. Should a person survive, they can be permanently disabled or forced to live in a medical facility for the rest of their life. For that matter, even those who do not suffer these consequences are faced with great mental and emotional trauma. Accidents aren’t just sustained on the road — they can also occur at work. The fact is, however, that not all accidents, no matter where or how they occur, are simple mistakes. Some could have been avoided — and in that case, the person who caused the accident needs to be held responsible. Personal injury lawsuits allow victims or the families of victims to be compensated for their trauma and suffering. While no amount of money can make up for the long term effects of major accidents, it can help cover medical bills — which can in some cases last for a lifetime — and in worst case scenarios funeral expenses. However, you can’t simply rush into a personal injury case. Below, we’ll discuss some questions to ask a personal injury lawyer. Once you understand the questions to ask a personal injury lawyer, you may be able to better approach your case.

What Kinds Of Car Accidents Are “Personal Injury Cases”?

Each personal injury case is different, and of course, so is every car crash. Some personal injury attorneys specialize in car accident cases — they may be known as car accident lawyers. At times, car accident cases can be very complicated and difficult to discern from genuinely unavoidable accidents. Other times, they are very clearly avoidable accidents that are the fault of one driver’s recklessness. The most obvious scenarios in which this is the case involve drunk driving. It’s estimated that every two minutes, someone is injured in a drunk driving crash. For that matter, it’s believed that the average drunk driver has driven drunk at least 80 times before their first arrest — they’re making the conscious choice to recklessly drink and drive, which can ruin the lives of countless people. Of course, reckless driving does not always involve substance abuse. Many questions to ask a personal injury lawyer today are about the effects of texting and driving. Studies have shown that manual hand to phone activities can increase the risk of a crash by three times. If a driver can be proven to have been on the phone or another portable device in some way while driving, you could have a case on your hands.

What Is Workers Comp, And Am I Entitled To It?

Some of the most important questions to ask a personal injury lawyer relate to workers compensation. Workers comp is, essentially, money that is paid to an employee after they missed work due to a job-related injury or illness. A surprising amount of people get hurt on the job, sometimes seriously. At times, workers comp is meant not only to compensate a person for the work they had to miss, but to pay for their medical bills as well. After all, if you were hurt on the job, there is a decent chance that the involved accident was avoidable and linked to employer misconduct. Yet workers comp is not always paid immediately, and in that case a workers comp claim may be wise.

Can Motorcycle Accidents Be The Centers Of Personal Injury Cases?

A motorcycle rider can be the victim of an accident in the same way that a car driver can be. Yet often, due to a stigma against motorcycles, they are blamed for accidents in which they are the victims. Drivers frequently do not know how to drive around motorcycles, and can injure the riders as a result. If this has happened to you or a loved one, get in touch with a personal injury lawyer.

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