The Importance Of Hiring A Construction Law Firm

A construction law firm has been found to be in high demand all throughout the United States for a number of reasons, from the firing of employees to the need to protect the work space that construction companies work out of. Hiring a construction law firm is definitely recommended for the majority of – if not all – construction companies. A construction law firm that is considered for hire should be well versed in construction law – and often even specializing in it. A construction law firm can help to protect the rights of construction companies in nearly any legal situation, making a construction law firm a valuable asset to any typical construction company in the United States.

An employment law firm is more likely than not to contact a construction company and construction lawyers at some point in the country’s history, as in recent years the construction industry has cut down significantly on the number of people who are employed by it. For instance, in the less than ten years between the years of 2006 and 2011, more than forty percent of the workforce in the construction industry – very nearly half – was eliminated from their positions, both short and long term positions. Some of this loss of workforce has been attributed to cost cutting measures, but many of these construction positions have simply become non essential with the implementation of new technologies. For instance, 3D printers have become widely used by various construction companies all around the country, though they are mainly used for the printing of construction materials in particular. Drones are also becoming the new up and coming technology to be used in the construction industry, as it is expected that the use of drones can lead to a higher standard of accuracy in the fields of architecture and construction both. Of course, this has led to a number of former construction workers claiming that their contracts signed with the particular construction company that they worked for was breached. In these cases, it is highly beneficial for the construction company being accused to have sought the advice and have the legal consultation of a construction law firm. For instance, many people may not know that a breach of contract must be noted and investigated with four years of the alleged breach occurring (and for some employment contracts, the statute of limitations is even shorter at only around two years, though this will be noted in the contract itself).

There are a number of various conflict management programs that an employment law firm can recommend, and these are popular methods of resolution in the legal world. One such method is referred to as alternative dispute resolution – or ADR – and these cases can typically be mediated and settled in less than a year, or around two hundred and thirty two days on average. This method of mediation, alternative dispute resolution, is by and large the most preferred method of conflict resolution within the construction industry and their legal teams.

The construction industry is hugely prevalent in the United States. After all, there is always a need for construction both large scale and small, both commercial and residential. However, the construction industry as a whole has recently made a change in how it works and hires employees, switching over to newer technologies such as 3D printers and soon drones who have begun to eliminate the necessity for as many as forty percent of the workers currently employed in the construction industry today. This has led to a considerable number of disputes between fired workers and their former employers, often resulting in wrongful termination cases. These wrongful termination cases should be handled by as skilled legal team such as a construction law firm that has practice in settling such disputes, preferably through a type of mediation that is called alternative dispute resolution, which has been known to resolve and settle cases in as short of a time span as eight months in total.

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