The Benefits of a Lawyer Lifestyle

Legal employment

If you ever considered law school, you have probably heard horror stories about the lawyer lifestyle. Lawyers, these stories go, work long hours, read cases throughout those hours, and usually work on cases no more significant than town zoning codes. Even the lawyers in major downtowns work on cases like bond issuance. Surely, you scoff, this is work that is far beneath you. No amount of pay could ever justify slaving for hours every day just to settle a medical malpractice suit.

And yet if you think about it, a lawyer lifestyle is not that bad. For one, most lawyers are solidly middle class, with the potential to go even further beyond. For another, the lawyer lifestyle allows you to defend justice. This may sound like a lofty idea, but the lawyer lifestyle is actually what does preserve democracy.

Let us start with the best aspect of the lawyer lifestyle, being comfort. Most who find legal employment make a minimum of six figures, regardless of where they work. Even if you have high law school debts, you are still able to repay most of them in the first decade of your career. After that, you will be free of those liabilities. In most every metropolitan area, a six figure salary allows yuo to buy your own home, take frequent vacations, and even raise a family. Such is the freedom that a lawyer lifestyle offers.

Another benefit of a lawyer lifestyle is what you are doing to democracy. It is hard to imagine a world without a democracy, but China still makes decisions centrally. The government has the authority to seize property, abolish contracts and wreck mayhem in the lives of citizens. They can do this because China has a weak legal profession. Adopting a lawyer lifestyle allows you to defend democracy, and enrich your society.

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