Taking A Look At Car Accident Personal Injury Cases In America

The personal injury lawyer here in the United States is likely to deal with a number of cases but car accidents, which make up more than half of all personal injury cases, are by and large the most common. Car accidents are simply hugely prevalent here in the United States, with as many as six million of them occurring in the time that it takes a single year to pass us by.

In these car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents, tragedy all too often occurs. Up to three million people will sustain injuries in said accidents in that same span of time and while some injuries will be relatively mild and easily recovered from (though the mental scars certainly might take longer to fade), others will have a lifelong impact. In cases where chronic pain develops or where paralysis occurs, the life of the victim of the motor vehicle accident is more likely than not to have been irrevocably changed, something that simply can feel impossible to bear.

The expenses that go alone with these injuries are also often intense and difficult to pay off by the injured party themselves or even with the help of their family members. From the initial hospital bills to the costs of rehabilitation, the money owed easily begins to add up. In addition to this, some car accident victims will require lifelong care and a caretaker’s expenses, depending on the level of care that is needed, are not always affordable.

For such people, seeking a personal injury settlement is ideal, as any personal injury lawyer can tell you. A personal injury settlement will help to determine that the other party in the accident was at fault, and that the car accident could have been prevented and disaster averted. Because it was not, however, the other party will often need to pay the victim of the car accident an amount of settlement money, and it is this settlement money that is the result of a successful personal injury case, as any personal injury lawyer can attest to. The vast majority of personal injury cases handled by a personal injury lawyer – up to ninety six percent of them – are even able to be completely settled before the case ever actually goes to trial.

And there are far too many highly preventable causes of car accidents, of which speeding, driving while drunk, and driving while distracted remain the most common by a long shot. A car accident attorney will be able to look at your case and determine whether or not it is viable, but even just looking at whether or not it falls within these categories can help a car accident lawyer to determine this right off of the bat.

Distracted driving, for instance, is a common cause of the personal injury claims that are seen by the typical personal injury lawyer, as it has become incredibly prevalent here in the United States. In fact, the advent of technology and its widespread usage has only compounded the problem, as more and more people are focusing on their smart phones in stead of the road. But there is absolutely no doubt about it that driving while distracted is an incredibly dangerous behavior to partake in.

While many people think that simply glancing down at their phone for a couple of seconds is really no big deal, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, looking down at your phone for a mere five seconds while driving at a speed of fifty five miles per hour or more means that by the time that you’ve looked up again, you have already crossed a distance that is equatable to the entire length of a football field. In that amount of time, just about anything can happen – even a tragedy that you will never recover from, mentally and physically both.

The typical personal injury lawyer deals with other cases as well, such as cases that center around problems of elder abuse – of which forty percent of elders in nursing homes claim to have experienced – to work related injuries. The role of the personal injury lawyer is vast.

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