Six Mythgs About Workers Compensation

Injured at work

A workers compensation attorney has a big job. Their job is to ensure that employees injured on the job get the compensation they deserve. Worker’s compensation laws covered roughly 125.8 million employees in 2011 making them important laws for the well-being of employees and making workers compensation lawyers important people. Injured employees are not beneficial to anybody, therefore seeing to it that they get quick efficient treatment is important. In 2013 alone there were 917,100 injuries which resulted in missed days at work, and men and women in the U.S. missed an average of eight days due to occupational injuries. There are many myths surrounding worker’s comp laws so read below to discover the truth.

Your Injury Must be the Employers Fault

Many people think that in order to claim workers compensation that it must have been the employer’s fault that you were injured. This could not be further from the truth. Workers compensation can be claimed under a variety of circumstances. Another worker at your company or another company could have caused the injury, or the employer themselves might have caused the injury. No matter the cause you can still consult a worker’s compensation law firm and get advice form a worker’s compensation lawyer.

Most Claims are Fraudulent

There are bad people everywhere, but that doesn’t mean that all people are bad. Some employers are notorious for making it seem like their employees are out to scam them and up to no good, but that is not usually the case. Majority of workers compensation cases have a strong case and deserve compensation. Out of all workers comp claims only roughly two percent are proven to be false.

Workers are Entitled no Matter What

Majority of injuries, which occur on the job, are covered no matter who was at fault, but some injuries are not covered. Injuries, which occur due to negligence on the workers part, are not covered. When a worker knowing does something negligent, they should not expect to file a worker’s comp claim against their employer. For example, employers who are found to have been using controlled substances while on duty are not subject to worker’s compensation laws. Those suffering from injuries, which are not directly related to their job, are not eligible for compensation as well, such as those suffering from a mental illness.

All Costs Will be Covered

Workers compensation does cover majority of your injuries but do not just assume that means all. Certain things are not directly covered by worker’s comp. Pain and suffering is not something that an employee can claim with workman’s comp. If you choose to claim pain and suffering you will need to hire an experienced worker compensation lawyer to help you with your case.

Employers Responsibility

Some people mistakenly believe that once their employer pays their workers comp claim that their employer is done, but this is not the case. Constant contact should be made with the employer so that the healing process can be monitored. Once the claim has been paid you should still have a job, which you plan to come back to. If you feel that you were wrongfully terminated because of filing a claim then looking for workers compensation lawyers should be your next step.

Workers Compensation is Only for Full-Time Employees

Workers compensation is not only for full-time employees. Those who work part-time are also able to file workers comp claims. Every employee who is currently on the payroll accounts for total labor hours and is able to file a worker’s compensation claim if needed. Any employer with more than four employees is required to have workers comp insurance, no matter whether these employees are full-time or part-time.

Searching for workers compensation lawyers should not be your first action, but you should definitely keep it in mind. Proper healing is vital to return to work and without cooperation from your employer you could find yourself needing workers compensation lawyers in the near future.

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