Reasons to Choose a Defense Lawyer Over a Public Defender

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Are you in need of a defense lawyer? Maybe you?re in need of an attorney, but you?re thinking about going with a public defender. In no circumstances is that the smartest choice for your case. Whether you were involved in a crime, a domestic dispute, or something else that requires you to hire a defense attorney, it?s important to put your best foot forward. When it comes to the law and court cases, that means you need to avoid public defenders and opt to hire a defense lawyer who can help win your case.

Interested in learning more about how defense lawyers work and why you should avoid choosing a public defender over attorneys? Keep reading to find out all you need to know to successfully win your case.

Reasons Why a Public Defender Isn?t the Best Option

If you are ever in need of a defense lawyer, don?t choose the public defender instead. For one thing, there are not enough public defenders working in the United States. This could be due to the type of work that public defenders usually do, the pay rates, the work environment, or any number of other reasons. Whatever the case is, more people opt to be attorneys over public defenders.

For that reason, public defenders are usually overworked, stressed, tired, and don?t have enough time in their days to get everything done. In fact, statistics show that the majority of the time, public defenders work in a state that won?t let them turn down a case. 60% of the systems set in place by states require public defenders to accept work even when they can willingly acknowledge that they do not have time to do it justice.

If public defenders have to accept cases that they know they don?t have time for, you can?t expect your case to be one that gets proper attention and care. In order to do all the work they are given accurately and with enough attention to detail, a public defender would need 3,035 work hours for one year. That equals about one and a half year?s work all wrapped into one calendar year. With those statistics, it should be obvious why you need an attorney instead.

There are plenty of intelligent, caring, and worthy public defenders to choose from, but with the systems set in place, they simply can?t keep up with the workload all of the time.

How a Defense Lawyer Can Properly Solve Your Case

In lieu of a public defender, opt for a defense attorney that you trust to listen fully to your side of the story. Whether or not you are guilty of whatever crime you committed, your lawyer should be dedicated to helping you get the best result possible. That means giving your case the time it needs, the research it requires, and the care it needs to end in a success for you.

When we live in a country where 10,000 people each and every year are wrongfully convicted of a serious crime, it?s important that we don?t take our defense lightly. People are arrested more than 12 million times by law enforcement across the country according to statistics from 2012. You want your arrest to be taken seriously so that you have the best chance possible to resolve the conflict as soon as possible and as simply as possible.

With a defense lawyer, they will have the resources, the education, and the time to dedicate to your case. They aren?t swamped with other cases, and certain state systems don?t intervene in their work schedule requiring them to take on more work. If they take on your case, that means you can trust them to work their hardest for you.

Have you ever needed to hire a defense lawyer to defend you? Have you ever worked with a public defender instead? Let us know in the comments about your experience with either of these instances.

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