Questions To Ask About Your Personal Injury Claim

A scary thought that runs through a lot of people’s minds is what would happen if they had to miss extended periods of time from work. If you suffered an injury on the job you may be entitled to a personal injury claim. Instead of calling a personal injury lawyer, maybe try mediation. In this video, you will learn what mediation is and why it could be better than calling a lawyer.

Mediation is when you, the person filing a personal injury claim, actually meet with the insurance claims adjustor to plead your case to them. These tend to be effective because neither party really wants to go to court so just about 97% of personal injury claims are settled before trial.

With over a million lawyers
in the United States, it isn’t hard to find one for your case if it does go to court. Just make sure when you are hiring a lawyer to ask for referrals and reviews. Hiring the right lawyer could determine the outcome of your settlement.

Remember, you are entitled to your lost wages if you are injured on the job so don’t hesitate to file a personal injury claim!

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