How Lawyers and Attorneys Help Shape and Guide Our Everyday Lives

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Although lawyers and attorneys often get a bad rap in mainstream culture, the truth is that without lawyers, we’d be hard pressed to get anything truly important done. They play a huge role in our everyday lives, from drawing up business contracts, to helping create wills and last testaments, to helping dispense justice where needed, and guiding us through other processes like divorce, bankruptcy, and more. Some of the most common types of lawyers that people will seek out are bankruptcy lawyers, workmans compensation lawyers, auto accident lawyers, and divorce lawyers. All of these processes would be difficult for an ordinary person to go through by themselves, but with the help of an attorney, it suddenly all becomes much simpler, and one can rest assured they’re not being taken advantage or unfairly treated.
What Do Attorneys Do In Each of These Circumstances?

  • Bankruptcy Attorneys

  • Going bankrupt can be a disheartening, bewildering, and emotional event, especially since over 90% of bankruptcies tend to be personal. Over 1.5 million people file for bankruptcy in any given year, the majority (over 60%) due to medical expenses, according to Harvard University. It’s not an easy world to manage finances in — the average household in America has around 13 cards that they can pay with and most credit card purchases are 112% higher than if the person had used cash. And less than one in four Americans could cover six months of expenses with their savings account, should there be an emergency.
    So in this bewildering time, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is a smart and proactive move to take. The lawyer can help take charge, file the necessary paperwork, file claims, and do a significant amount of the legwork. They can also explain in each step in terms that are easily understandable and know the ins and outs of bankruptcy law and court processes. Indeed, when one has an attorney, the success rate for Chapter 7 bankruptcy claims is over 95%!

  • Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

  • Almost 75% of states mandate that businesses must have workers’ compensation instituted. However, that workers’ comp can often be tricky to actually obtain; there are enough loopholes that especially tricky businesses can slip through (or try to slip through) in order to avoid paying. Around 85% of workers’ comp claims are for slipping on slick floors, for example; many businesses could try and write that off as something else. However, workers’ comp is important, especially since over 20% of them cause workers to take at least a month off work, which is usually unpaid. This can be devastating for families who are living paycheck to paycheck.
    Attorneys can make sure the injured employee is getting the full amount of money file their workers’ comp claim entitles them to. As of March 2015, the maximum average compensation for someone who really damaged their arm at work was almost $170,000. In some cases, not having an attorney could mean receiving less or missing a crucial step along the way. Hiring an attorney ensures that they follow each step logically and methodically and know what to expect.

  • Divorce Lawyers

  • Divorce lawyers are also heavily utilized by the general public, with about half the marriages in the United States ending in divorce. In these cases, lawyers can act as mediators between the two parties, especially in a non-amicable divorce or a contested divorce. Since it can often be a very emotional and heated process, it’s good to have more neutral parties who can argue in the interest of their clients by the terms of the law, instead of letting emotion cloud the proceeds. If a divorce should go to court, lawyers can help their clients navigate the whole process and act as a consultant and often a confidante. They’ll also draw up the legal paperwork that controls division of property and assets, as well as child custody, if appropriate.

There’s a good chance that at some point in a person’s life they’ll employ a lawyer for help with some aspect. It’s important to know the names of some good lawyers in their area and contact information for when that time rolls around.

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