How Lake County Malpractice Are Different from PI Attorneys

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According to a study published by Harvard University researchers, 62 percent of bankruptcies that occur around the country today are caused by high medical expenses. This includes expenses related to paying medical bills due to illness or injury, and those from attempts to sue medical providers for wrongdoing or malpractice. Luckily, Lake county malpractice experts are available to assist clients suffering from financial distress due to increasing medical bills.

What separates Lake County malpractice professionals from other legal experts is their specific expertise in areas of medical malpractice. A Lake county personal injury attorney or Libertyville personal injury lawyer will help clients pursue damages both medically speaking and otherwise due to an accident or workplace injury, while a Libertyville malpractice professional will target the medical professional. Many work closely together, but Lake County malpractice professionals go directly to doctors to seek compensation.

Lake County malpractice professionals know about the Uniform Commercial Code, which has been a statutory law in most states and which governs various areas of commercial law, which also is called business law and which applies specifically to relations, rights, and conduct of people and corporations that are engaged in any sort of trade or commerce, including sales and merchandising. Lake County malpractice professionals usually also are members of the American Bar Association, which was formally established Aug. 21, 1978, and which is tasked with setting the academic standards that law schools follow and which formulated ethical codes that are related closely to the profession of law.

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