Four Common Causes of Divorce and How to Handle a Divorce

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Divorce is a common part of our history. Every day, couples get married and just as many couples, decide to divorce. Every couple is different and has different reasons for divorce. Some are no longer as happy as they were when they first married, and others find it difficult to get through relationship problems. These are some of the most common causes of divorce in the United States.

Lack of communication skills

Most couples do not face difficult relationship problems until a couple of years of being married. This often means that they have not yet had time to test out their communication skills. For this reason, it is no surprise that a lack of communication is the first cause of divorce. The top five reasons for divorce in the U.S. include communication problems, infidelity or betrayal, financial problems, abuse, and loss of interest. When communication is lacking, the other most common reasons are also more difficult to get through.

Marriage at a young age

Many parents urge adult children to wait until marriage. Younger couples tend to have higher divorce rates. They have not yet grown into their adult self and in many cases, the couple does not grow together. Younger adults also tend to not be as secure in careers and family life, making it difficult to successfully navigate marriage. Marriages are more likely to last longer when people marry at an older age, have a higher education, and earn more money. There are also more financial disputes in divorces of younger couples because they have built their finances together. Younger divorces usually have a stronger need for divorce lawyers.

Marriage with young children

Children can be stressful to even the strongest of relationships. If a marriage is already struggling, the stresses of young children can cause a marriage to end in divorce. This is why so many divorces involve children and child custody lawyers. Each year in the U.S, more than one million people have parents who separate or divorce. When children are involved, the divorce process also becomes trickier. Most divorce cases with children also involve an attorney for child custody. Coming up with a child custody agreement that both parents agree with is a tough task, even for the most experienced of divorce lawyers.

Difficult work time restraints

Time restrictive careers can also increase divorce rates. When one spouse is spending a lot of their time away at work, problems within the marriage can easily arise. The working spouse feels disconnected from their spouse, who may not understand what they are going through at work. If the other spouse is a stay at home parent, it can create a divide that is difficult to overcome. Work is frequently a common complaint and can easily lead to divorce and the need for a divorce lawyer.

How to handle a divorce

If you and your spouse have decided that a divorce is best, it is time to begin the preparations. Hiring a divorce lawyer is extremely beneficial, even if you do not expect a difficult divorce. With strong emotions, making realistic negotiations can be almost impossible. There are numerous divorce forms to fill out and your divorce attorney can be helpful in the filings. If children are involved, you will want to work with a child custody attorney, as soon as possible. Other unique divorce situations, such as financials, property ownership, and prenuptial agreements should also be discussed with a divorce lawyer.

The U.S. has one of the highest divorce rates in the world. Many of these divorces are due to lack of communication, financial problems, young children, and early marriage. Sometimes, even with counseling and increased communication, divorce is inevitable. When you are going through a divorce, it is important to work with a qualified divorce lawyer to protect your individual rights.

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