Court Reporters Are Usually For Hire, Even if it’s Not For a Day’s Work at the Court Hire One Today!

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If you’re looking for a court reporter for hire, you might be in luck. In the United States, there are around 50,000 court reporters. About 70 percent of them work outside of the courtroom. This means that their services are typically for hire, even if you yourself are not an employee of the court. What you need transcribed doesn’t even technically have to be a medical thing — A court reporter for hire can hear, transcribe, and report just about anything you need them to.

If you’re unfamiliar with court stenographers and reports, and aren’t really sure what they do, no worries. It’s one of those professions that you’ve probably seen or heard of a million times before, but never had a name to match it with. In a nutshell, court reporters attempt to record transcripts of everything said in a court of law. Does that sound easy to you? Well, think again — the minimum speed that stenographers are expected to be able to type at is 225 words per minute.

It can vary from certification or certification program, but the ability to capture 225 testimony words per minute is not the only skill these reporters have. Court reports also include other forms of transcription, such as jury charge words per minute and 180 literary words per minute. They are typically expected to do this with 95 percent accuracy. Talk about a tough job!

Court reporting is not easy feat. While newer methods have surfaced recently that offer courts of law the ability to capture testimony digitally, like video court reporting, a stenographer who is able to accurately record shorthand is still in high demand. Even machines have a difficult time transcribing words and conversations that quickly. It comes as no surprise, then, that these talented individuals are likely to be around for a while. Their job security exists in the form of their accuracy being so crucial in a law setting. If they were inaccurate or ineffective, they could stifle a case by improperly recording it. Thankfully, they’re talented, consummate professionals.

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