Why Not Every Lawyer HAs Your Best Interest in Mind

Finding a good attorney

You have lived your whole life obeying the rule of the law, you don’t even speed or park at expired meters, but now, for one reason or another, you have found yourself in the position of trying to find a good lawyer. Many people, perfectly good law abiding citizens, at some point in time in their life will face the question of “how do I find a good attorney?” Whether you are looking for a family law lawyer, personal injury lawyer or criminal defense attorney, there are several steps that you can take to ensure that your legal counsel suits your needs. Below you will find some tips that should answer the help in your search of how to find a good attorney.

How Do I Find a Good Attorney? Tip 1: Celebrity Lawyers Might Not be The Best.

One of the most difficult steps in trying to find the right legal representation is poring through the large amount of lawyers and law firms that are out there. It seems that everywhere you look there is advertisement for some accident attorney. It is inevitable that regardless of what city you live in you have probably seen those television commercials or large billboards, advertising the big shot attorney that promises not to charge a fee unless you win. Sometimes name recognition isn’t the most important aspect of a law firm. While star power has its place, it is rare that you will actually be dealing with the celebrity lawyer first hand, it is more likely that you may get passed on to an associate. Many larger firms also opt to settle cases as quickly as possible in an effort to keep their workload moving along, increasing profits. Instead of opting for a larger firm, that may or may not pay attention to your individual case, it is important to find a an attorney that has your best interest at heart, not just their fees.

How Do I Find a Good Attorney? Tip 2: Your Family, Friends, and Co-workers Might Be Your Best Resource

In this age of technological prowess it is easy to forget that some of the best technology has already been invented. In this this case it is the power of word of mouth. The first step in your search from the right legal representation should be asking your friends, family, and coworkers about attorneys that they have used in the past. This is one of the best ways to insure that your legal representation will be in line with your needs. Who knows, you may even have a family member that can represent your case as well.

How Do I Find a Good Attorney? Tip 3: As the Old Tune Goes, You Better Shop Around

Did you purchase the first car you test drove? Did you but the first house you stepped were shown? The answer is most likely no. The same should go for your legal counsel. It is possible that the stress from trying to find a good lawyer can make you tempted to settle early on in the search, but it is important to meet with several attorneys that meet your parameters. The best way to think of your attorney search is as a job interview. You are hiring an attorney to protect your best interests, depending on the legal matter, putting in the extra time can save you quite a lot in the long run.

Make Sure to Check Your Potential Attorney’s Track Record and Background

Once you believe you have a strong candidate it is important to do a quick search of their history to make sure that they are all that they claim to be. You can find attorney background from your local Bar Association.

Having to deal with the justice system is never easy. Depending on the case it can be a draining and time-heavy affair. But by the doing the right research you will be able to increase you chances by finding the right legal representation for you. For ideas about how to find a good attorney, contact your local Bar Association.

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