Value of a Patent Attorney in The International Patent Process

While the application for a patent may seem like an easy process, there are more steps than you think. It is also hard to believe for some that not every idea or invention can be patented, and the international patent process must be applied carefully. There may be others who claim they may have had the same idea well before you, delaying the process to obtain a patent.

The Role of Patent Law in The International Patent Process

While other applications may provide a challenge in completing the patent process, you are among about 500,000 applications received annually by the USPTO. That leaves a great amount of room for applications to be delayed or pushed back if they do not seem to be as important. While an application filing may only allow a new patent to last 20 years, it is also important to remember that within the 12 industries that use patents, only about half of all applications processed are approved. This means that a patent attorney may be of the greatest help to confirm that you complete the process by the rules.

Need for an Attorney in The International Patent Process

A patent attorney works specifically in patent law, intellectual property practice, and trademark law. Intellectual property can be a challenge, especially when the question of whether it has been stolen by another may come up. This is a sure time where you will need the assistance of a patent lawyer. Acquiring your patent, trademark, or copyright can be a challenge at the beginning, and then making sure that laws are followed can be a challenge for the long term. Patent attorneys hold various roles worldwide, considering differences in international intellectual property law. Therefore, patent lawyers sometimes need a broad knowledge of patent law and intellectual property law around the world because of the creation, manufacturing, and distribution of products internationally.

Completing the Patent Application

This is a challenging process from the beginning to end that may take months or even years to complete. It often has to be renewed or resubmitted several times. Without the assistance of a patent lawyer, it is easy to let the 12-month expiration of a single application pass. Therefore, the process needs to be started again. With the help of a patent lawyer, following the regulations of the international patent process, things move much smoother.

No matter how difficult the provisional patent application may be, your attorney is able to help. They will know when specific forms need to be filled out and submitted in order to receive the initial “patent pending” status. Patent lawyers will also be able to help with intellectual property questions of trademarks and copyright as needed. Some applications may be more applicable than others in relation to the invention or idea that you present to the USPTO. Luckily, with the initial application complete, you have 12 months to continue the process and work on gaining approval, and with the support of that attorney things look up.

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