Filing a Chapter 13 Michigan

Michigan bankruptcy lawyer

When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, no one is immune. As a matter of fact, 127 percent of all bankruptcy filers have a bachelor’s degree. Filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy Michigan doesn’t mean you are financially ignorant. Sometimes mistakes are made and even sometimes things happen that are no fault of your own. Even the Pittsburgh Penguins filed for bankruptcy twice. The first time was in 1975 and the second time was in 1998. If you have to file for a chapter 13 bankruptcy Michigan, hire a bankruptcy lawyer michigan that has a lot of experience.

Filing for bankruptcy in michigan can be devastating, but it doesn’t have to be. Filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a way to restructure your debt. A Michigan bankruptcy lawyer can tell you all about it. Bankruptcies have been happening for a long time. In fact, you can trace the beginnings of the idea to liquidate debts back to Roman law circa 450 BC. That was when they used to kill people over debts or enslave them at least. In order to get out of this barbaric thinking, someone had to come up with the idea of bankruptcy and a way to get out of impossible debt. After all, killing someone or putting them in prison did nothing to get the debt repaid.

Today, a little less than half of all the families in American spend more than they earn each year. Still, most people manage to stay afloat. All it takes though, is one bad auto accident, a work layoff, a divorce or a medical disease and anyone can find themselves in need of a chapter 13 bankruptcy Michigan. Find out more information about a chapter 13 bankruptcy Michigan by scheduling a consultation meeting with an attorney that does bankruptcies today. You can find out about credit counseling and other requirements that must be met before you can file for a chapter 13 bankruptcy michigan.

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