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Understanding the System of Jail and Bail

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Misdemeanor criminal bonds

Our society has come a long way since the days of cold, crude, and brutal responses to those who chose to break the rules. No longer do we see punishments as severe as cutting off the offender’s hand, the accused being pelted with stones thrown from a riled up crowd, or a sheriff-sanctioned shoot out in the street. Today, when the law is broken, the court system upholds the due process in order for the accused to be deemed innocent or guilty in a fair and legal manner. And often, a part of that process is the involvement of a bail bondsman.

Why do you need bail and when is a bail bondsman necessary?

Not everyone needs the help of a bail bondsman, but it is good to know about, should that necessity arise. When an individual is arrested, depending on the crime and

FAQs About Child Custody

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Wrongful death attorney ohio

Going through a divorce or a separation can be a tricky situation, especially if you have children together. Dealing with child custody can be confusing, and finding a good lawyer is imperative to your case. Before you get into the whole process, it is important you know your facts. Here are some frequently asked questions about child custody.

Q: What factors do the courts take into account when determining the outcome of the case?

A: The courts have to keep a lot of factors in mind when making their deci

Probate Lawyers Help Families Plan for the Unexpected

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Estate planning trusts

She still remembers the pain.
Her youngest daughter was only a few months old when she found out she had shingles. The pain, located near her right shoulder blade was unbearable. She explained it as someone sticking a knife in that shoulder and constantly twisting it. It was a little tricky getting relief from the pain because at the time she was a mother nursing a very young child. In the end, however, the doctor prescribed some pretty heavy duty pain killers and she fed her daughter a mix of formula and stored breast mild for several days.
Looking back, the shingles were likely the result of unusual stress. Although many people who have stress never get shingles, this young mother’s immune system seemed to negatively react to the stress of her step dad’s unexpected death and the events that fo

3 Awesome Benefits NCRA Court Reporters Enjoy

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National court reporters

Whether you’re a high school student contemplating college or an older adult considering a mid-life career change, there’s one profession you might not readily think about, but should consider choosing: National Court Reporters Association, or NCRA court reporters.

Court reporting services are not only a valuable and integral part of American society, the profession also has a lot of benefits that go along with it. More and more young people are realizing just how crippling paying for a traditional college education has become and are looking for another route. NCRA court reporters offer a permanent or temporary solution, depending on what you want to make of it.

Here are three awesome benefits th